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Vol. 2, No. 2 Maysie's Farm Conservation Center, Glenmoore, PA May 2001
Community Supported Agriculture
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New Children's Garden
by Dawn Lawless

Spring signals a time of change, birth, and renewal. With that inspiration, Maysie's Farm is about to embark on a new endeavor: the creation of a beautiful children's garden. Thanks to the hard work of our interns, the once overgrown hedgerow between the Barnyard Garden and the Below Lawn beds has been cleared of multiflora rose, vines, poison ivy, and stinging nettle.

Please Note:

Newsletters will no longer be mailed to shareholders. You can read them here on the website; or, if you want a paper copy, please look for it in the barn when you come to the farm to pick up your share.

In its place we will build an area dedicated to our little ones, so they may explore and utilize their senses and imagination. We plan on incorporating four areas into the design.

  • We'll have a tepee garden comprised of bamboo poles in the shape of a tepee covered with scarlet runner bean and Jack-be-Little pumpkins. This area will also contain strawflowers, marigolds, sunflowers, and radishes.
  • Another area will be dedicated to attracting butterflies and birds. We envision a birdbath, bird feeder, and bench surrounded by nasturtiums, zinnias, celosia, nicotiana, cosmos, and sunflowers.
  • A third area will have a sunflower house and inside there will be a table and stumps for children to sit on in the shade of the sunflowers.
  • We will also have an area dedicated to perennial plants.

On Thursday, May 24th, students from King's Highway Elementary School's GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) Club will come to the farm to help plant seeds for this garden. Anyone wishing to help may come to the farm at 4 p.m. that day or you may contact our volunteer coordinator, Cathy Fornwalt (610-363-0892), to inquire about assisting in the creation of the garden at some other time. We would like to thank Waterloo Gardens for donating materials totaling $50. Other items we need for the project can be found in our wish list.


Liz Martin, Intern

Liz Martin is one of the wonderful interns currently working at Maysie's Farm. She learned about the farm while doing research for her senior thesis on CSAs and decided she would like to work at one. She is 21 years old and will be working here until early June. From here she will go to work at a farm camp in the Poconos where she has worked for several years.

Liz hails from the town of Tunkhannock, near Wilkes-Barre, and she graduated last December from Eastern College (with honors!),where she earned her degree in Environmental Studies. While in college she studied Sustainable Resource Development in Kenya for a month. She also studied ecology on a farm in Belize.

Her favorite things about working at Maysie's include gardening barefoot and watching the plants come up. Her other enjoyments include contra dancing and telling jokes (the less funny the joke the more she seems likely to tell it!) Liz has been vegetarian since she was 14. Her favorite vegetables are raw carrots and onions and garlic. She would like to work and live on a farm of her own someday.

One last interesting fact about Liz Martin: she owns four pairs of red shoes!

by Matthew Glenn

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